As the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Newark Celebration 350, which represents a broad coalition of people and organizations who live and work in our dynamic city, it is my honor to welcome you to Newark Celebration 350’s digital home.

Through this website, you can join with us in celebrating the city’s fascinating past, dynamic and evolving present, and help usher in a bright future. Our hope is that Newark Celebration 350 will reflect the breadth and scope of Newark, and become a source of strength and pride for the city.

Now and during the coming year, will feature information about the many events we have planned, and intriguing tales of Newark’s past and present as told by outstanding historians, leaders and ordinary people. will feature personal profiles of people who live in the city, and a list of celebratory activities in each ward. We’ll offer opportunities for youth involvement, contests and explain how to get involved. The site will grow throughout the upcoming year, and you will have a chance to express your personal thoughts, perspectives, and recollections about the city.

We have already had an incredible outpouring of support for Newark Celebration 350. We hope you will add your unique voice to the evolving story of Newark, and join us in celebrating the musical, artistic, and intellectual contributions that the people of Newark have offered to the nation and world.

- Junius Williams, Esq., Chair, Board of Trustees, Newark Celebration 350