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The city of Newark—one of the oldest metropolises in the United States, behind only Boston and New York City—will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-introduce itself to the nation and the world in 2016 when it turns 350 years old.

Newark Celebration 350 is partnering with Newark City Hall and hundreds of Newark citizens and corporate, philanthropic, educational, nonprofit and cultural arts leaders, to plan more than 150 curated events and educational activities.

We are in the midst of privately raising $3 million to make this the best celebration possible and invite you to participate in whatever level you are comfortable with.

The successful realization of Newark Celebration 350 will generate a multiple lift for Newark:

Tens of thousands of residents, employees, students and visitors will attend the 150+ events leading to increased optimism and morale.

The festivals will stimulate the local economy helping existing businesses to thrive and generate interest in other companies relocating to Newark.

Local and national media coverage will generate a positive narrative for the city.


Newark Celebration 350 will invest Newark with a new cachet that will amplify the city’s possibilities well beyond 2016. As much as we celebrate her past and present, we who know Newark best firmly believe in her future. For the flourishing city on the banks of the Passaic that has endured three and a half centuries of challenges and changes, trials and triumphs, the sky is truly the limit.

#Newark350Gives • Donate Now

The Newark Celebration 350 Legacy Gifts include:

tree, planting, nj tree foundation

Planting 350 Trees

The New Jersey Tree Foundation aims to make Newark a greener city with the planting of 350 more trees citywide. According to studies, Newark has a tree canopy of just 15% while healthy cities are estimated to have at least 30%. In addition to the potential positive impact on the city’s environment, this initiative will also build community among neighbors in the beautification of their streets.

landing monument

Restoring and Re-installing Gutzon Borglum’s 1916 Landing Monument

The Mount Rushmore famed sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s masterpiece currently resides under a tarp in a garage belonging to the City’s Department of Engineering and Traffic Signals. Newark Landmarks and Preservation Committee will spearhead the restoration with plans to place it on the grounds of New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

student, success fund, newark gives

Initiating a Newark College Student Success Fund

In partnership with the Newark City of Learning Collaborative, this program will provide mini grants for Newark residents attending undergraduate programs at colleges and universities in Newark to aid them on the path of college retention and success. These emergency and inspiration grants of up to $500 will be made available to students to support books, transportation, childcare, medical expenses and more.

“Happy 350th Birthday Newark”

Donors may choose to donate any amount they wish to go towards supporting a project or service that addresses a compelling community need as determined by the Newark Celebration 350 Committee, which may include support for the NC350 Legacy Gifts.

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